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Understanding the specifics of this dynamic sector and its unique needs is central to our approach. Combined with our passion for healthy living, our expertise and legal experience provide a solid foundation for our service, giving you legal certainty and allowing you to focus on growing your business.

At our law firm, lawyers specialised in the wellness industry are committed to providing you with a personalised approach, professional service, and reliable advice. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you succeed and secure the future of your wellness business.

Regular legal services for medical and therapeutic practices, including those in the beauty industry

We provide comprehensive legal assistance for your practice. We offer support on industry regulations, medical law, and beauty-related aspects.

Industry analyses

Advertising law is our main area of interest here.

Creating terms of service, including e-commerce

The legal security of your business starts with solid regulations. Together, we will develop terms of service, including for e-commerce operations, which will be tailored to your needs and compliant with applicable law.

Legal advice in protection against claims

Prevention is the key to avoiding problems. We will advise you on setting up mechanisms to protect against claims, as well as on complaints and returns, minimising the risk of disputes.

Trademark registration and protection against unfair competition

Your brand is a valuable asset. We will handle the registration of trade marks and provide protection against acts of unfair competition, taking care to maintain your uniqueness in the market.

Handling contracts, among other things, leasing contracts, contracts with employees, or franchise contracts

Irrespective of the type of contracts you handle, we provide comprehensive assistance. We will draft, analyse, and negotiate contracts, protecting your interests.

Legal analyses related to the registration of a healthcare entity or medical device

We support you in the complex legal processes connected with registering a healthcare entity or medical device, ensuring compliance with legal

Legal support for R&D and development of wellness technologies

If you are creating innovative solutions in the field of wellness, we are ready to accompany you at every stage. We will provide legal support in R&D and the protection of intellectual property.


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