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We handle comprehensive service of investment processes and creation of dedicated investment structures.
The very investment is only a part of the process. Factors of great importance involve relations between investors (both in funds or in syndicates), investment vehicles and matching them to the character of an investment, as well as optimization in terms of operation and taxes which takes into account the investment horizon.

Let’s talk.
We have a very practical approach and experience with every investment model, including convertible notes, syndicated investments and KPI-based contingent investments. Let’s talk about which form would be most optimum for your investment.

Creation of investment structure

We design and implement investment structures: from basic forms, through syndicates, micro-funds, SPV, to complex systems optimised in terms of operation and taxes. We prepare management agreements, agreements with Limited Partners, articles of association of funds, SPVs’ deeds.

Investment documents and process

We prepare transaction documents (investment/shareholders agreement, company’s deed, securities). We provide support in the negotiation process, from the preliminary discussions to the closing. We prepare agreements which are friendly for foreign investors, also in the convertible note or SAFE models. After completion of a transaction, we exercise supervision over observance of the investment assumptions and enforce liabilities resulting from the investment agreement. We service investment exits, including complex relations resulting from liquidation preference (e.g. through hold-co), lock-in agreements, earn-out etc.

Due diligence of companies

Investment in a startup is itself risky; therefore, it is essential to eliminate or mitigate the risk wherever it is possible. We conduct comprehensive Legal Due Diligence and, in co-operation with Bookkeepers, financial and tax due diligence. We prepare startups for LDD audits both directly before the procedure and well in advance, designing the principles of document archiving, regular repositories, reporting systems. We prepare companies for exits, subsequent rounds or management buy-outs.

Reporting companies and entire portfolio

One of essential expectations of an investor is continuous access to particulars of a company. Irrespective whether an investor expects only P&L and a few basic indicators once per quarter or online access to very extended parameters of a company—we implement such reporting in co-operation with Bookkeepers. What is more, we prepare summary reports for the entire portfolio of companies within a fund, which provide the management with easily accessible and standardised details on the standing of particular investments as well as entire segments of the portfolio.


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