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We create individual asset succession plans for enterprises. There is no an ultimate template for a good last will or succession plan. In each case, planning succession has to be preceded by a careful and thorough analysis of individual needs of an enterprise and its business and legal conditions. Relying on such analysis, we identify the goals and needs of an entrepreneur. Being aware of them, we are able to conduct a generational change so as not to interrupt operations of the enterprise. That is why it is important to plan in detail all succession stages and changes connected with the new owner, both in terms of creating a new structure and delegating authorities to executives and employees.

Analysis of assets to date, preparing a full succession plan

We conduct analyses to identify individual needs and conditions of an enterprise and possible legal risks. Having understanding of the specific properties of the enterprise, its participants’ needs, limitations, as well as specific capabilities, we are able to prepare a full succession plan tailored to client’s needs.

Preparation of full succession documentation

We prepare documents to establish procedures in random events which may affect an owner-manager (last will and testament, amendments to articles of association to regulate succession and other, depending on the strategy). Well prepared succession documentation enhances the level of legal and tax protection of an undertaking passed to another generation.

Carrying out necessary changes and transformations of businesses

We implement structural changes of an enterprise to achieve the objectives of a succession plan. Such changes may refer to the legal form of the operated enterprise, they may also include personal or structural changes to ensure achievement of the set succession goals, tax optimisation in the succession process or financial security for the senior after transferring the company.


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