Legal support for the development of AI: a lawyer as your partner on the road to innovation Our offer is customised support that will allow you to focus on creating, developing, and implementing innovative AI solutions.

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How we can help you:

Conducting a legal compliance analysis of an AI service or tool

Our experienced legal team will help you assess whether your AI-based services or tools are compliant with applicable laws, minimising the risk of conflicts and legal risks.

Creating regulations for AI services or tools

Solid regulations are the basis for the legal security of your AI product. Together, we will develop regulations for AI services or tools, taking into account the unique aspects of your operation and use of technology.

Analysing AI-related risks, particularly in terms of the AI Act

It is key to understand the risks associated with AI. We handle risk analysis, including in the context of the AI Act, thanks to which you will be able to better address the responsibilities of each actor in the AI implementation chain.

Contracts with AI builders and AI development companies

We offer comprehensive service for contracts with AI builders and business partners involved in the development of this technology, taking care of the optimal conditions and rights of the parties.

Regular legal services for companies handling AI

We support AI companies at every stage of development, offering regular legal services tailored to their needs and ever-changing requirements.

Legal advice on intellectual property connected with AI

We protect your innovations. We advise on intellectual property issues, including the protection of algorithms and trade marks.

Patenting AI

If your AI product is fitted with novel solutions, we will help you with the patenting process, enabling you to obtain protection for your unique technologies.

Legal services for R&D

If you are working on new AI technologies, our lawyers will support you to ensure legal compliance in your research and development processes.


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