When you are focused on the creative part of your undertaking, we take care of formalities.

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Media and advertising

We prepare and negotiate agreements for marketing, interactive and PR agencies, creative boutiques or media houses. We review advertising campaigns, also related to such sensitive products as alcoholic beverages, medical products etc. We provide advise in the case of “theft” of advertising concepts, content and on combating unfair competition. We help in crisis situations related to reputation of public figures and brand equity.


We provide comprehensive service of mass events, media events, concerts and festivals. We prepare and negotiate any agreements in this scope with persons performing at the event, through lessors to technical entities.

Film industry

We prepare and negotiate agreements connected with films, to name a few: option agreements, agreements with authors, distribution agreements, co-production agreements, sponsorship agreements etc. We help in conflicts between authors, suppliers and technical entities. We advise in the scope of product placement and other legal aspects connected with production and distribution of a film.

Design development and designing

We provide comprehensive service to design studios and firms operating in the business of industrial and artistic design as well as interior design. We prepare and negotiate specific task contracts, executory and production agreements. We help in registration of an industrial design or utility model. We provide services related to combating unfair competition.


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