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Legal services for startups is our main specialization. We have been operating on the market for 11 years, i.e. since the beginning of the venture capital market in Poland. We advise founders at all stages of running a business – from founding a startup to the investment exit process.

At Lawmore we work with both beginning entrepreneurs and structured businesses.

Range of services

Investment process
Option program (ESOP)
Transformations, mergers and division of companies
Creating international structures
Intellectual property
Regulations, privacy policies and audits

Our lawyers have many years of experience in negotiating investment agreements and shareholder agreements, both with Polish and foreign companies. investors. We have extensive experience in cross-border venture capital transactions and preparing exit strategies.

What distinguishes us on the legal services market is our business approach to every case we engage in. We are actively involved in the development of the Polish startup ecosystem – including: we advise many Polish accelerators and incubators, such as, Orlen Skylight Acelerator, APX by Axel Springer & Porsche or the Krakow Science and Technology Park. As part of our cooperation with PFR, we prepared training on investment agreements and negotiations with investors, and also created model documents for the investment process (term sheet and investment agreement).

The legal services we offer for startups include primarily support in the investment process. We prepare and analyze transaction documentation such as a term sheet, investment agreement or partnership agreement. We support founders in the process of negotiations with investors. Before the investment, we prepare the company for legal due diligence, which significantly speeds up the entire process.

Legal services for startups that we offer also include advice on business organization, by which we primarily mean assistance in choosing the best form of running a business and business activity registration of companies, including Simple Joint Stock Companies. We provide comprehensive legal support in the processes of transformation, merger and division of companies.

The legal services we offer for startups also include support in the creation of incentive programs (ESOP), which is currently one of the basic regulations expected by investors when entering a company. We have developed several different models, including for zoo companies. We also provide training for employees covered by the stock option program so that they best understand the essence of its assumptions.

Startup Lawyer | Startup lawyer

We are lawyers for startups. We started when the VC market in Poland practically did not exist yet, we introduced a new type of “founders agreement” in Poland (at that time still popular only in the USA), which is now the first agreement signed by the majority of the founders of each startup. We have been actively participating in the development of the Polish startup ecosystem for over 11 years – we have advised over 800 startups, and with many of them we have provided full legal services – from establishing a company, through negotiations with the first investors, to exit, such as with the founders of which were eventually taken over by the Finnish company WOLT (  

We have also supported companies many times under such programs and subsidies asStartup Platforms orthe legal support for startups program PARP.

The legal support we offer for startups also includes support in the field of intellectual property – we register trademarks, industrial designs and patents. We help with domain registrations in bad faith. We advise on combating unfair competition. We also handle the process of selling company assets, also in terms of contributions in kind covering intellectual property rights.

Legal assistance for startups also includes the creation of regulations and privacy policies for websites and mobile applications. We examine the legality of solutions in the field of new technologies and conduct legal audits of cloud computing services and mobile applications. We design and analyze contracts for the development and implementation of IT systems, outsourcing contracts and ensuring the agreed level of service delivery.

The legal assistance we provide on a daily basis also includes ongoing legal services for startups, i.e. preparation of necessary documents for the current operations of companies and their bodies (management board, supervisory board, shareholders’ meetings and general meetings). ). We also represent our clients in pre-trial and judicial proceedings.


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