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We assign a dedicated account manager for each client


We describe our reports on completed work precisely down to the minute

Response time

We respond within 24 hours on business days

We suggest activities which would enable our Clients to achieve their business objectives, at the same time minimizing the risk of possible disputes.

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Creation of transaction structure and optimization of costs

In co-operation with a tax advisor and the accounting office Bookkeepers, we develop the optimum legal and tax model for a transaction.

Due Diligence

We conduct comprehensive Legal Due Diligence and, in co-operation with Bookkeepers, financial and tax due diligence. The objective of our analyses is to identify potential legal risks. The scope of analyses and level of their detail is each time agreed upon with the client and adjusted to the specificity of a transaction.


We negotiate any agreements connected with a transaction, including investment and security agreements, shareholders’ agreements, as well as agreements connected with the external financing of a transaction.

Legal service in the scope of transactions

We provide full legal service of all types of transactions, i.e. in the share deal and asset deal. As part of legal aid, we prepare drafts of relevant agreements and collect required documentation.

Post-transaction support

We provide comprehensive legal support in any issues arising out of acquisition or merger of enterprises, in this in the issues related to employees and contracts, as well as in a broadly understood corporate area.


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