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Milena Balcerzak
Milena Balcerzak
7 November 2023

What to Pay Attention to in the Communication of a Product Based on OpenAI Technology?

What to Pay Attention to in the Communication of a Product Based on OpenAI Technology?

If you are an active user of the OpenAI API and are developing your product using its API, pay attention to what phrases you can use in the communications concerning such a product:

type of co-operation – since OpenAI also allows official partnership, if you are not an official partner, you cannot use terms referring to co-operation with OpenAI, indicating partnership etc. For instance:

not allowed: collaborated with OpenAI, worked with OpenAI, building with OpenAI.

order – first you use the name of either your company or your product, then “OpenAI” or a specific model. For instance:

allowed: XYZ powered by GPT-4/built/developed on GPT-4,
not allowed: ChatGPT for XYZ, XYZ with GPT-4.

model name – OpenAI pays attention to the correct use of the name of the model you are using (or the version from a certain date). It is also not allowed to use OpenAI or “GPT” models in product names. For instance:

allowed: GPT-3/GPT-4, DALL·E API etc., while for specific versions, e.g. GPT-4 Mar 14 version. In general reference to OpenAI models, it is sufficient to use, e.g., powered by OpenAI,
not allowed: XYZGPT, GPT4XYZ, Chat GPT.

plug-ins – for plug-ins, use the term ‘plug-in’, the company name should be first, followed by OpenAI or the model. For instance:

allowed: XYZ plugin for ChatGPT, XYZ ChatGPT plugin
not allowed: XYZ plugin for OpenAI, XYZ plugin compatible with ChatGPT etc.

content – in the case of publication of texts or images generated by an OpenAI model, in general, special marking is not obligatory, however, if you care, the following examples are indicated as:

allowed: written with ChatGPT, caption written with ChatGPT
not allowed: written by ChatGPT, image created by DALL·E

OpenAI states that you can use the proposed phrases, e.g., in promotional materials for such a product.


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