The name LAWMORE refers to one or several units of the Law Firm Kopiński LAWMORE i Partnerzy sp. k., it subsidiaries and associated entities.

LAWMORE is an organisation composed of law firms and corporate members providing a number of legal and related services to selected clients. LAWMORE operates through the following entities: LAWMORE Sp. z o.o. (National Court Register number KRS 0000524506, Tax Identification Number NIP 5252603232, share capital of PLN 15,000); LAWMORE Kopiński i Partnerzy sp. k. (National Court Register number KRS 0000647023, Tax Identification Number NIP 7010632219).

LAWMORE is a registered trade mark (no. R.279578), therefore we reserve all rights connected with this.


At LAWMORE, we attach the utmost importance to the principles of confidentiality, and we believe that taking care of trade secrets and confidential information of our clients is the measure of professionalism. That is why, our colleagues undergo relevant trainings in this scope, and the Law Firm uses modern technical means in order to secure confidential information we have been entrusted with.

What is more, legal advisors, patent attorneys and trainee legal advisors and patent attorneys are bound by professional secrecy. Pursuant to relevant legal deeds, they are obliged to keep secret anything they have been advised on in connection with providing legal aid, and this obligation is not limited in time.

In order to maintain due diligence, we also prepare and conclude non-disclosure agreements with our clients (or potential clients).


Information published on our website may not be deemed legal advice in any matter. The content presented there is of information character only, and we are not liable for any damage resulting from its interpretation, without legal consultation. Any materials rendered available on our website are up-to-date as at the day of their publishing. Nevertheless, we may not guaranteethat it is up-to-date or helpful at any time and in any factual circumstances. Any content presented on our website may only be used for non-commercial private use. If you want to use it for public or commercial purposes—write to us.


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