Paula Pul
Paula Pul
17 October 2023

A big acquisition on Polish startup market – CallPage has acquired LiveCall


CallPage, the largest provider of callback services in Poland, has acquired LiveCall, its largest competitor in its home market. As a result of the acquisition, a global leader in the automatic callback tools segment is emerging. We are pleased to announce that in this transaction we advised the buyer – CallPage.

The acquisition transaction was financed with CallPage’s own funds. Consequently, the company acquired the rights to the LiveCall brand and domain, as well as its customer base.

CallPage solutions are applied by more than 1,500 companies in more than 50 countries, among others the US, UK, Brazil, and Italy. Behind the company’s success is a team of several dozens of people managed by Ross Knap, Bogdan Tyskyy, and Aleksander Gorczyca.

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