Do you run your own software house? Do you create innovative solutions? Do you write complicated algorithms for wearables, but you feel limited by formalities connected with pursing business? Thanks to our experience in the IT and related fields, you will be able to devote yourself to ever more innovative solutions.

 We ensure legal security of a company, including transfer of technologies within the frames of employment of new employees or subcontractors. We participate in contract negotiations. We recover claims. We provide support in the case of claims on account of improper agreement performance.

We create terms of service for marketplaces, PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, mobile applications etc., also taking into account specific consumer rights and the register of prohibited clauses. We structure sale processes in the context of website or application documentation and terms of use.

  We draft and analyse agreements for execution and implementation of IT systems, outsourcing agreements or service level agreements (SLA). We create software licences and develop software management systems along with addenda, e.g. for support. We develop reseller and VAR systems along with appropriate agreements.

We conduct legal audits of cloud computing services and mobile applications, in particular in terms of required consents and disclosure obligations of controllers and service providers. We examine legality of solutions in the field of new technologies; in the case of a considerable legal risk, we suggest safeguard possibilities.

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