Paula Pul
Paula Pul
1 April 2020

Our Law Firm joined an action of the Ombudsman for SMEs – RatujBinzes

In face of the prevailing Pandemic and its negative effects on, among others, business, our law firm has decided to join an action organised by the Ombudsman for SMEs called #RatujBiznes! – save business! The initiative is supposed to help small and medium entrepreneurs in the era of the prevailing crisis.

SMEs will be the ones most severely affected by the economic effects of the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. In order to counteract such negative effects, entrepreneurs may take advantage of subsequent aid instruments related to statutory charges. At this moment, they refer mainly to the contributions towards the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and Tax Office.

Still, the number of instruments available to entrepreneurs will increase upon the effective date of the provisions regulating the so-called Anti-Crisis Shield. All applications that may potentially be used by entrepreneurs are published here The list will be kept up to date.

Apart from the beneficiaries of the action, also law firms, attorneys at law, legal advisors, and tax advisors – including LAWMORE – have declared their participation. Their contribution will involve legal assistance to SMEs related to preparation and submission of the mentioned applications for aid. The law firms will provide entrepreneurs participating in the action with pro bono support. In the present situation, professional preparation of applications for available aid may be essential, given that now there may be numerous entities interested in the aid. Where there are no mistakes in applications, the entire process may be facilitated and the so-called bureaucratic bottleneck may be avoided.

The list of the law firms that offer their services as part of the action #RatujBiznes! is published on the website of the Ombudsman for SMEs, in the tab dedicated to the action.

The cooperation with interested entrepreneurs as part of the program #RatujBiznes! will take place remotely. The character and terms of the free-of-charge help we may provide to interested entrepreneurs will be arranged individually.

We are very proud that we can participate in such an important program! In the existing circumstances – difficult for all of us, we encourage you to help others and counteract the social and economic effects of the pandemic on our reality.

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