Zuzanna Paduch
Zuzanna Paduch
26 October 2022


As a result of the co-operation between PFR Ventures and Inovo Venture Partners, a quarterly report has been prepared that summarises transactions on the Polish VC (venture capital) market in Q3 2022. Our law firm had the pleasure to participate in the creation of the legal section of this report.

The data reveal that from June to September 2022, 127 transactions were conducted, involving 83 funds. They provided innovative Polish companies with PLN 513 million. This is the total value of capital that local and foreign funds invested in home-grown innovative companies. Since the beginning of this year, Polish startups have obtained in aggregate more than PLN 2.5 billion. Thus, PLN 1.1 billion is still missing to surpass the record funding value of 2021.

Historically, our market has recorded such levels of quarterly funding five times already. Thanks to this, we may believe that, despite unfavourable economic and geopolitical conditions, the Polish ecosystem will maintain its upward trend. The large involvement of the public sector undoubtedly further stabilises the market. At the same time, the return perspective of several years makes it probably the best time to invest in startups.

We encourage you to find more details in the report:

PFR Ventures is a fund-of-funds management company that, together with private investors, business angels, and corporations, invests in venture capital and private equity funds. The objective of PFR Ventures is to inject this capital into innovative enterprises at various stages of development. PFR Ventures currently has in its portfolio over 60 funds, which conducted more than 550 investments.

Inovo VC is a venture capital fund investing in the most ambitious entrepreneurs from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. It supports early-stage startups and helps them build up global brands, at the same time stimulating the development of the local startup ecosystem. Over the last 10 years, it has invested in more than 80 entrepreneurs from 35 startups, to name a few:  Booksy, Infermedica, Spacelift, Tidio, and Zowie, and has co-invested with top global VC funds, such as Insight Partners, a16z, Gradient Ventures, and Tiger Global.

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