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Zuzanna Paduch
Zuzanna Paduch
14 October 2022

Selling an Account on Instagram

Instagram is a platform with about one billion users from all over the world. Nearly five hundred million of them use the application daily, and this number is constantly growing. Hence, it’s no surprise that the number of ads and offers that pop up when you type the title of today’s article into a search engine is remarkably high. Although the Instagram Terms of Use strictly prohibit users from: “buying, selling, or transferring any aspect of your account (including your username),” accounts are sold at auctions, in direct messages on Instagram, and even in dedicated online marketplaces around the world.


Is such a transaction legal?


When a user registers on Instagram, the first clause in the Terms of Use indicates that the account owner is solely responsible for all activities on his or her account. By doing so, the user also agrees not to assign, license, transfer, or sell his or her account, username, and followers to any other person. What is more, no one – save for companies and individuals who  are authorised to create accounts on Instagram for their employees – has the authority to create accounts for others. Further, Instagram’s terms also prohibit buying followers, as well as using bots or apps to perform automated operations.


Yet it is worth noting that although the fact that selling and buying accounts is becoming an increasingly popular trend, this violates the terms of use of social networks. An account on Instagram, even if created by us, actually belongs to the creators of the relevant platform. Therefore, any sale, purchase, or use of logins for commercial purposes is prohibited.


It should be noted that an account that has been put up for sale can be blocked and potentially face a fine or suspension for that if Instagram reaches out to the seller. So when you register on Instagram, yes – you agree not to sell your account, and any conduct to the contrary will be the above-mentioned violation of the terms of service, still, it will not be treated as a violation of law.


Why do some people choose to purchase an account?

  • Many content creators want to use expanded accounts to advertise products and services while looking to save their time. By far the more popular products are those reviewed on the account of a popular influencer, not someone who is just starting out on Instagram.
  • Some people choose to buy accounts on Instagram only to sell them. With the right knowledge of prices in a particular industry and an account with a majority of active users interested in a particular topic, you can make money quickly and easily.
  • Meanwhile, others, such as agencies, use profiles on Instagram to disseminate their own information, obtain data, conduct research, or expand their audience.
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