Natalia Smolińska
Natalia Smolińska
17 October 2023



We are pleased to announce the results of our co-operation with MediFactory, which has attracted the SPINAKER alfa Fund as an investor in its innovative project. In this investment, LAWMORE represented the start-up in negotiating the general terms of transaction.

MediFactory is a start-up that addresses the needs of the prevention and rehabilitation market, offering patients to accelerate the process of correcting postural defects through the use of orthotic insoles tailored to the patient’s needs. Taking an individual approach to each case and analysing a range of variables, MediFactory is able to offer each patient a “foot orthosis” to ease their daily struggles during therapy, and most importantly, resolve the problem faster than ready-made insoles. This is all the more important because, relying on specialised reports, it is known that more and more children and adolescents, but also people in older age groups, are struggling with flatfeet or postural defects. By implementing the treatment offered by MediFactory, there is a chance to resolve such problems. The company offers also a mentoring program in diagnostics, thereby filling a market gap and raising awareness of the need to broaden horizons in combating defects and diseases in the osteoarticular system. The investment was carried out as part of the BRIdge Alfa operations, co-financed by the National Research and Development Centre.

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