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Paula Pul
Paula Pul
25 April 2017

LAWMORE represents Enprom HVC sp. z o.o. in the investment in Emplocity

Enprom, Forbes’ diamond company, invested in Emplocity PLN 1 million. It is our pleasure to inform you that in this investment we represented the investor.

Emplocity’s new partner is a Polish, experienced company operating in the power market since 2011. In 2016 it carried out one of the most important electricity investments in Poland—a connection of “electricity systems of Poland and Lithuania”.

Emplocity, a startup operating in the HR business, offers the so-called reverse recruitment. The Emplocity system is a tool for automation of recruitment process using advanced technological solutions, such as machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Through Emplocity, a candidate may add his/her CV and set his/her requirements for the best job offer. The application is submitted to more than a dozen companies which have declared the willingness to employ a person at a relevant post. The technology makes it possible to assess which of the candidates will be the best one.


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