Paula Pul
Paula Pul
16 September 2020

LAWMORE an advisor of TALKIE.AI – an investment by Movens VC and LT Capital

TALKIE.AI – a company founded by Paweł Lipiński – has gained funding in the amount of PLN 3 million from two investors – Movens VC and LT Capital. In the negotiation process, we were honoured to represent the founder and the company.

The platform is fitted with, among other things, extensive analytical mechanisms, an option to carry out detailed analysis of conversations, or an embedded dialer to implement advanced outgoing call strategies. What distinguishes Talkie is the visual bot designer that enables clients to be fully self-service. Being fully automated, the system contributes to optimisation of the costs of running a call centre. The tool enables handling thousands of parallel calls and simultaneous operation of an almost infinite number of bots.

Talkie was also behind the “Coronabot,” which was famous in the beginning of the pandemic, responding to thousands of questions related to coronavirus of persons who could not reach the helpline of the National Health Fund.

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