Paula Pul
Paula Pul
13 July 2021

LAWMORE an advisor of SWAPP – an investment by SPEEDUP GROUP

The startup Swapp! has gained its first funding round from SpeedUp Group. It is our pleasure to inform you that in this process we advised the startup founders. This is our next transaction in the field of green investment.

Swapp! are innovative devices – refilling stations. These are automatic machines for filling bottles with cosmetic products. They offer the possibility to pour cosmetic products into private containers but also provide their own stainless steel containers.

The aim of the refilling stations is to limit the use of disposable containers and sell products in reusable containers. The test of the device, which was supposed to last a month, has grown into a year-long pilot program, in two locations at once. The Swapp! company co-operates in that area with the natural cosmetics and household chemicals brand YOPE and the Carrefour Polska chain.

It is worth to emphasise that during the pilot program the device eliminated about one and a half thousand plastic bottles. As is noted by the creators of Swapp!, operating for a year, the refilling station can dispense up to about 30,000 litres of liquid, that is the capacity of one shipping container. 

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