Paula Pul
Paula Pul
22 September 2020

A new online course in collaboration with PFR – funding from VC


We are happy to announce that we’ve become a partner of a new course created by Polski Fundusz Rozwoju – “How to gain funding for development of your company. All you need to know about how to cooperate with an investor.” The course was designed for persons who want to develop their own business and seek funding. Our Law Firm was responsible for creating model documents that are used as part of preparation for talks with an investor and also during the very negotiations (NDA, specific task contract – logotype, and investment agreement).

With other partners of the course – EY, Smok Ventures and SpeedUp Group – it was possible to prepare materials that provide a comprehensive insight into issues connected with gaining funding and negotiating transactions. Taking benefit of knowledge conveyed by experts as part of 11 lessons, participants can master the basics of building investor relations and also learn:

  • where to search for an investor and how to attract its attention;
  • how to prepare for a meeting with a VC fund;
  • how to create a financial model;
  • how to show the best side of their project, and
  • how to negotiate the provisions of an investment agreement.

The course is completely free-of-charge and unlimited in time. Read more on the course on the website of PFR: 


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