Aleksandra Maciejewicz
Aleksandra Maciejewicz
15 February 2022

Our article in Deweloper & Marketing

We encourage you to read the latest issue of Deweloper & Marketing quarterly magazine, available here: CLICK, where you will find, among other things, an article by Aleksandra Maciejewicz “Influencer marketing – what one should pay attention to.” There you will find answers to such questions as:

  • In Poland, influencer marketing is a relatively new branch of marketing. Has the law already regulated it?
  • What to consider when determining legal issues in the relation between an influencer and a brand?
  • What about the copyrights to materials created by an influencer?
  • Who is accountable for published materials? The influencer, or maybe an entrepreneur collaborating with him/her?
  • Is barter a form of payment? What are possible forms of settlement with an influencer?
  • What is covert advertising? Why should influencers tag sponsored posts?

The issues discussed in the article are elaborated in our Code of Good Practice for Influencers, which you may download from here: CLICK.

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