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Paula Pul
Paula Pul
20 October 2016

Lawmore represents Wayman—an investment of Innovation Nest

The Innovation Nest investment fund invested in Wayman PLN 2 million! It is our pleasure to inform you that in this process we represented the founders of Wayman sp. z o.o.

Wayman is an ERP system enhancing the effectiveness of design and engineering companies. The software enables to manage one as well as several projects at a time and provides for a simple view in significant data, e.g. financial results and resource usage in particular projects. It is a tool for easy planning and optimizing the work of a company and subcontractors with the use of benchmarks, standards and statistical data from execution of historical projects. The Wayman system enhances the effectiveness of design and engineering companies as it combines three areas—project management, resources and finances. What is more, it gathers data from numerous sources (e.g. e-mail, CAD, BIM, documents) and allows to use them at any time, anywhere. The system is designed for companies of any size. It is used by designers from the following sectors: industrial, ship-building, offshore, oil&gas, construction, energy, infrastructure. The Wayman system was founded by Piotr Bilon and Marcin Konstantynowicz.

Innovation Nest is an investment fund specialising in investments of global potential, operating in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. The fund’s mission is to support brilliant teams from Europe and to help them to gain subsequent founding rounds from best international investors so as they can expand globally.


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