Paula Pul
Paula Pul
13 August 2019



Pracuj Ventures invested in Wandlee. In this process we had pleasure in representing the company and founders of Wandlee. We negotiated the transaction conditions and actively participated in the legal due diligence process.

Wandlee has operated since 2016. It was founded by Joanna Cichocka and Igor Sawczuk. From the beginning of its activity the startup has implemented and developed chatbots which support customer service and sales processes. For more than a year it has rapidly developed in the direction of HR-dedicated solutions. Apart from recruitment chatbots, the Wandlee team also designs intrabots which support automatisation of the communication between employers and employees. To develop its solutions, the company relies on modern technologies, among other things AI and natural language processing mechanisms. Wandlee has formed a partnership with Facebook in the field of chatbots, being the only one in Poland to join the elite of more than 40 companies from all over the world.

Pracuj Ventures is an investment fund investing in innovative HRTech and EduTech enterprises, with contributed amounts ranging from PLN 500 thousand to 2 million. It was founded in 2019 by Grupa Pracuj and some of its shareholders. Within the next 3 years it is going to support about 10-12 companies. The fund’s managing partners are Maciej Noga and Paweł Leks—co-founders of Grupa Pracuj.

You can learn more on the investment here MamStartup. 

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