Paula Pul
Paula Pul
18 March 2017

LAWMORE represents TalentMedia in the transaction with Mediacap.

The Digitals, a subsidiary of Mediacap, for the consideration of PLN 2.78 million will become the owner of a 51.1% stake in TalentMedia, a company providing multi-channel network services for YouTube channels and organising marketing campaigns in social media.

In this transaction LAWMORE represented the founders of TalentMedia and the company. 

The Digitals will buy a package of 34% of shares from the existing owners of TalentMedia for PLN 1.66 million. Part of the selling price was settled with a loan granted to shareholders of TalentMedia by The Digitals.

The Digitals also took up new shares in the increased share capital of TalentMedia for PLN 1.12 million. As a result of these transactions, Mediacap will control a 51.1% stake of TalentMedia, while the remaining shares will remain in the hands of the management staff and key employees.

What is more, the investment agreement provides for a possibility to increase the selling price by the value of bonus not exceeding PLN 1.5 million, the amount of which will depend on TalentMedia’s performance in the years 2017 and 2018.

TalentMedia is the leading player in the field of multi-channel network (MCN) services for YouTube channels and a provider of marketing campaigns based on content video in social media, among others Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and


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