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Paula Pul
Paula Pul
13 July 2017

Lawmore represents Lovely Inc—investment of Arkley VC.

It is our pleasure to inform you on the investment of Arkley VC in Lovely Inc. In this process we represented the founders of Lovely.

Lovely is a wearable of an unconventional category—its task is to support sexual health and sex life of couples. The device contains sensors which analyse sexual activity, all this in co-operation with a smartphone allows users to check specific parameters and correct them, if needed.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for Jakub Konik and his team and congratulate Arkley on the investment.

Lovely Inc, a company incorporated in the USA, is a project of a Polish team. In Poland, company’s affairs are managed in Krakow.

Arkley Venture Fund  is a Polish and American early-stage fund which focuses on the fields of IoT, robotics, 3D print and e-commerce. The fund’s portfolio includes, among other things,  ZmorphBivrost and Tespack.


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