Zuzanna Paduch
Zuzanna Paduch
18 August 2022

LAWMORE advises on the investment by LT Capital in the startup ZNIKA

ZNIKA has gained funding in the amount of PLN 1.3 million from LT Capital and two business angels: Przemysław Żebrowski, former President and Founder of the K2 group, and Andrzej Targosz, former President and Founder of Eventory. In this process, we were responsible for preparing full investment documentation.

The startup produces eco-friendly packaging for business. The company’s history began during the Pioneer’s School of the Polish Development Fund and Allegro. After the end of the Pioneer’s School, the composition of the ZNIKA project team changed and grew to 5 persons. The role of CEO was taken by Michał Kruszyński and Paulina Pepera became his partner and COO. Both for years have managed foundations and worked for society for youth education and sustainable development.

The ZNIKA compostable packaging is created from plants. It has exactly the same properties as plastic packaging – it is durable, water-resistant and safe. Additionally, it is compostable, that means that it will decompose into organic substance and “disappear” – just like is suggested by the brand name (“znika” is a Polish word for “[it] disappears”). In Poland, just 40% of plastic packaging is recycled. A major portion of plastic is incinerated or ends up in landfills and the environment, where it rubs off to become microplastics.  

This year, the company’s objective is to gain the leading position in the Polish market and start expanding into foreign markets.

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