Zuzanna Paduch
Zuzanna Paduch
18 January 2023



We are happy to inform you about another transaction that we had the pleasure of handling. The MONITI application has obtained funding of PLN 1.2 M from JR Holding.  In this process, we represented the startup. 

Moniti is an innovative tool for recording working time and monitoring the GPS position of employees in real time via an application on the employee’s phone. It combines versatility of data analysis and convenience of use. It considerably facilitates the work of HR departments and managers by automating, as well as digitising, the employee management processes at companies – regardless of industry or size.

Following the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, Moniti is designed to encourage employees to use their personal phones for business purposes.  It is the only application on an employee’s phone to be used to perform official duties.  An employee will use it to record the attendance, request leave, and perform assigned tasks. All this to avoid creating additional electronic junk as well as maintaining an expensive infrastructure within the company.

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