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  • Nanovision VC The scope of our cooperation includes comprehensive legal assistance, including the handling of investment processes. LAWMORE we value for our specialized competence and commitment to the issues that have been entrusted to the company.
    Dawid Smółka Managing Director Nanovision VC
    IFINITY "Lawmore has been taking care of Ifinity for many months - they are legally operating our company. We can always expect fast reactions and smooth operation, whether it is late hours on weekdays or weekends. We have a great contact with them. "
    Adam Jesionkiewicz CEO Ifinity
    Booksy Lawmore for Booksy? From the registration of the mark, through contracts with employees, to contracts for international cooperation and subsidiaries abroad. I like the business approach - looking for optimal solutions, do not implement uncritically orders.
    Stefan Batory CEO Booksy